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The Importance of Work Life Balance Explained

Work is, unfortunately, a part of "Adulting". It is necessary for anyone who wants a home, so we can pay bills, build a life, and with any luck at all, have a little fun. To put it simply, work is our "chore". Think about it: as a child, you likely did chores so that you could earn a dollar for a piece of candy or extra time on the TV. You had balance. You worked as you needed to and gained rewards. Then you grew up. The chore becomes your income and you may sometimes have fun. The... Read more
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How the Pandemic Can Create a 4 day Work Week

The notion of a 4 day work week has been discussed for decades. Now, the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic is helping to make this idea a more likely possibility. As more people work at home and companies offer flex-time, the idea of reducing the workweek by a day no longer seems so radical. Let's look at what a 4 day work week might look like and how the pandemic is making it more likely. A Brief History of the Workweek It's worth remembering that the 5-day workweek was originally... Read more
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8 Ways to Increase Quality of Work Life

Did you know that up to 40% of people say that they feel that their job is very stressful? Stress in the workplace can lessen productivity and job satisfaction. Unhappy employees or stressed workers never perform to the best of their ability. What you may not realize is that the stress from work bleeds over into your life. It may negatively impact personal relationships, cause you to lose sleep, and may also damage your health. You should... Read more
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How many work days are in a year?

Since the number of business days in year changes from year to year, it can be hard keep track of them. Use this page as a cheat sheet for the number of working days in 2020. Note these numbers only take into account nation-wide holidays. States and provinces may have additional regional holidays. USA * January: 21 days (2 holidays excluded) * February: 19 days (1 holiday excluded) * March: 22 days * April: 22 days * May: 20 days (1 holiday excluded) * June: 22 days * July: 22 days (1... Read more
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7 Stress Busters to Try at Work

We've all experienced stressful work days or weeks (or even months!) and we know they can be challenging. Some stress is good: it motivates you to work harder and get things done and can provide a sense of accomplishment. Often times, however, work stress can be bad for your health and cause problems over time. Constant stress over a long period of time can be especially harmful to the body. According to the National Institute of Mental... Read more
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Work Life Balance Quotes

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Here are some inspirational work-life balance quotes to help keep you motivated and balanced. > “Who could justify trading a lifetime of stress and backbreaking labor for better blinds? Is a nicer-looking window treatment really worth so much of your life?” ― Cal Newport > “I have ‘like minds.’ You know, I’ve been fortunate to play in Los Angeles, where there are a lot of people like me. Actors. Musicians. Businessmen. Obsessives. People who... Read more