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What is Overwork? Why Is It Negative? feature image

What is Overwork? Why Is It Negative?

Overwork has been present in workplaces for as long as humans have worked, but it hasn't always been recognized and named. Overwork is simple: it is the experience of working too hard, for too long, without appropriate breaks for rest and renewal. Overwork is hardest to spot because it is physically possible to overwork for quite a long time, with unpredictable and catastrophic results that appear when you least expect them. Here are some of the consequences and results of overwork that make... Read more
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30 Hour Jobs Version 2

Just under a year ago, I created a simple newsletter for people interested in jobs with shorter work weeks. When I shared the page, it quickly became popular and over 400 people joined the mailing list in just 24 hours. At the start, the site was just a single page that I created using and a Mailchimp signup form. It's now been almost a year and I'm excited to officially launch 30 Hour Jobs version 2.0. The latest version has a full job board, company directory,... Read more
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How to Achieve a 3 Day Work Week

Many people may fantasize about the idea of a 3 day work week, with lots of leftover time to spend with family, pursuing hobbies, or simply taking life at a much more natural pace. However, finding a flexible job that still pays all of the bills can be a challenge at times. You can make a 3 day work week actually happen and here's what it takes to get to this enviable position. Consider Self-Employment A large percentage of those who achieve a 3 day work week are self-employed, choosing to... Read more
How to Hire for a Cultural Fit feature image

How to Hire for a Cultural Fit

In many competitive industries, it can become the norm to hire those who seem most willing to give up on work-life balance for the company. More and more companies are realizing this can create major issues: a star team member may suddenly get burnt out and quit or simply become ill, and those who do good work but need rest feel excluded and undervalued. Hiring someone who is ready for a culture that values good work-life balance can be difficult as well. One of the ways that you may be able... Read more
8 Unique Productivity Hacks to Try Out Today feature image

8 Unique Productivity Hacks to Try Out Today

Wanting to work smarter rather than harder? While there are certain tasks that simply take as long as they take, many of us have major issues staying productive. Research has suggested that an average 8-hour workday contains, on average, three or fewer hours of productive work time! While this is probably not true of you if you already love productivity, it can be helpful to try some of these productivity hacks if you want... Read more
7 Kinds of Careers That Lend Themselves to 4 Day a Week Jobs feature image

7 Kinds of Careers That Lend Themselves to 4 Day a Week Jobs

The opportunity to focus in on a shorter work week has been shown in the research to have surprising benefits . However, particular industries may stand to benefit even more because of the structure of work inside certain fields. Companies that haven't considered the 30 hour work week or a 4 day work week can test out a 30 hour work week by transitioning members of these teams within their structure. Others... Read more