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Employee Retention Strategies for Keeping Your Top Talent feature image

Employee Retention Strategies for Keeping Your Top Talent

When you want to truly be at the top of your industry, retaining talented employees must become a top concern. It is possible to gain good employees with a competitive salary range, but many other companies may be able to match that salary. Great companies often shine the best for attracting top talent when they are willing to combine competitive compensation with benefits and perks. Here are just a few ways to make sure your top talent recruits want to come to your business and then stay at... Read more
How Many Hours Is "Part Time"? It's Complicated. feature image

How Many Hours Is "Part Time"? It's Complicated.

The definition of part-time, for a long time, has been jobs that take "substantially less" than the M-F, 9-5 requirement. Part-time jobs can range from a few hours helping out at a family business, all the way up to covering a couple of shifts a week, but there is a nebulous middle ground between part-time and full-time that needs to be considered as an employer. So, how many hours is part time? How many hours is full time? One of the major benefits of part-time work was a metric not related... Read more
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How Company Founders Can Model Work-Life Balance

It can be very challenging to practice what you preach as a company founder or manager. Even if you fully value work-life balance, you may feel the pressure to make sure that things get accomplished on time at all costs. The concern, of course, is that your employees will see the behaviours you actually exhibit, not your best intentions. An employee who sees you working 60 hours a week, emailing at all times of day and night, may feel like he or she needs to work at the same breakneck speed.... Read more
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Understanding and Implementing Core Hours

Remote work options, as well as flexible hours and 4 day workweeks were created to address pressing concerns. People were finding that the distractions of an office actually reduced their productivity, and they could get more done and live more flexible, attuned lives with those changes. While remote work, flexible hours, and 4 day workweeks all have generated the resulting improvements in productivity... Read more
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What is Overwork? Why Is It Negative?

Overwork has been present in workplaces for as long as humans have worked, but it hasn't always been recognized and named. Overwork is simple: it is the experience of working too hard, for too long, without appropriate breaks for rest and renewal. Overwork is hardest to spot because it is physically possible to overwork for quite a long time, with unpredictable and catastrophic results that appear when you least expect them. Here are some of the consequences and results of overwork that make... Read more
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30 Hour Jobs Version 2

Just under a year ago, I created a simple newsletter for people interested in jobs with shorter work weeks. When I shared the page, it quickly became popular and over 400 people joined the mailing list in just 24 hours. At the start, the site was just a single page that I created using and a Mailchimp signup form. It's now been almost a year and I'm excited to officially launch 30 Hour Jobs version 2.0. The latest version has a full job board, company directory,... Read more