How many work days are in a year?

How many work days are in a year? feature image

Since the number of business days in year changes from year to year, it can be hard keep track of them. Use this page as a cheat sheet for the number of working days in 2020. Note these numbers only take into account nation-wide holidays. States and provinces may have additional regional holidays.


  • January: 21 days (2 holidays excluded)
  • February: 19 days (1 holiday excluded)
  • March: 22 days
  • April: 22 days
  • May: 20 days (1 holiday excluded)
  • June: 22 days
  • July: 22 days (1 holiday excluded)
  • August: 21 days
  • September: 21 days (1 holiday excluded)
  • October: 21 days (1 holiday excluded)
  • November: 19 days (2 holidays excluded)
  • December: 22 days (1 holiday excluded)

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