Oakland, CA

We help you transform your digital presence so you can transform lives.

Before we were Kalamuna, we each worked with causes that mean something to us. We’ve worked with political campaigns and arts organizations and every other kind of endeavor that means something to the human soul. And at some point, we decided to apply our skills in technology, communications and design to these causes—to work on something bigger.

We formed Kalamuna to work on that something bigger together.

This is why we partner with socially impactful institutions, associations, agencies, and governments to help solve today’s most pressing problems.

We do it by empowering them with the research, strategy, design, and technology that will transform their organizations so that they can better serve the needs of their communities.

Whether it’s through a full website redesign or ongoing technical support, we help your organization change for the better—so you can change the world for the better.