Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic

59 Station Road, Longfield, Kent

A cosmetic skin care clinic for younger-looking skin

Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, an aesthetic & skin clinic committed to offers best skin treatments matching your aesthetic needs and deliver the most beautiful look to you. Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic offers an array of facial & wrinkle treatments using Botox in Gravesend continuing to improvise the method of helping, delivering you the comfort and satisfaction for all your aesthetic needs.

Along with the treatments, aesthetic research, procedures and various technology are utilised to make sure that the best treatments are available for clients.

We offer a wide range of anti-ageing services and are always continuing to increase the number of ways in which we can help you, bringing you comfort and peace of mind with all your aesthetic needs. We also use the latest in aesthetic research, procedures, and technology.

Committed to delivering the best aesthetic treatments with maximum comfort and satisfaction.