Error Agency


All our work is centred on the human experience, and that’s one of the main reasons our clients love to work with us.

Our previous clients include Sony Games, the BBC, ITN, Tate, Bupa, the Open Data Institute and many more established businesses and startups. We’re proud to have been honoured at the Webby awards for our design of the National Museums Liverpool web site, and are excited to be working closely with the University of London on a project to map the history of the city over the last 2000 years.

We run a nascent SaaS product called Rooftop CMS, which we use primarily to speed up delivery of sites for our clients, but which we hope will turn into a business of its own.

Our work is strongly design-focused, but we also deliver heavyweight technical solutions too. The two together are what stands us apart from many smaller agencies. Our clients are generally either very commercial (startups, blue-chip organisations who use us to deliver agile solutions), or in the cultural and creative sectors. Both have their challenges and interests, and we like to keep it mixed. Many of our clients have been with us for years.

We open-source as much of our work as possible. Ed and Paul co-maintain a popular Ruby gem, Rooftop CMS is released under the GPL, and our work on Layers of London is all available on Github too.