Portland, OR

UpBuild - An End-to-End Optimization Agency

Hi. We’re UpBuild. We’re a new kind of SEO and analytics agency where great technical marketing minds can do innovative work for clients and causes they’re proud to serve, and we’re looking to grow our team with the addition of a Technical Marketing Specialist. If you’re reading this, you might be the person we’re looking for.

UpBuild, founded in 2015, now operates with a team of ten and serves over a dozen amazing clients. When it comes to growth, we’d rather grow slowly and intentionally or not at all. We take hiring very seriously because we believe it’s never about just finding someone who can “do the work;” it’s about finding the right person who believes in what we believe, wants to be part of a team and contribute to the company, and can truly be happy here.

We don’t believe that you need to live and breathe your work to be successful at UpBuild (that’s a job for the founder, if anyone). A job is a job and work is work, but if marketing work is what excites you and gives you a sense of fulfillment as you’re making your way through life, UpBuild’s goal is to be the absolute best place in the world to do that.