Sr. Full Stack Engineer (React + React Native)

Posted on March 3rd

We are currently a scrappy, fast-moving engineering team of three (the two co-founders and a former star engineer from Zapier). We do everything from making beautiful designs in Figma, to React to DevOps. We're looking to work with a prolific engineer who will be responsible for our mobile app from end to end. You will have ownership over listening to customer feedback and implementing new features.

Our mobile app is currently built in React Native, Typescript and MongoDB. We work remotely and asynchronously so we can maximize heads down focused time. We only have a single one-hour meeting each week and rarely send more than a dozen slack messages a week. Most of collaboration happens inside of Sunsama, Github, and Notion.

You'll get to build something people actually want. We've already got over 1000 paying customers and they're busting down our door for a high-quality, native, mobile experience.

We're building Sunsama because work doesn't need to be stressful and crazy. We want to help people pick sensible daily goals, stay focused on them throughout the day and then go home and do things other than work. At Sunsama we're always experimenting with how to work better. Want to try working early in the morning and late in the evening and taking the whole middle of the day off? Want to experiment with not working on Wednesdays or working four day weeks? Want to experiment with 4 hour days with no meetings? That's awesome, we want to help you and the world break out of the chains of 8 hour work days that don't make sense for us as knowledge workers.

We enjoy working with people who have a strong work ethic, actively seek balance between work and life, care more about customers than frameworks, can communicate well asynchronously, and are ready to make our product better and customers happier without asking for permission from the founders.

Bonus points if you've got basic design chops and enjoy crafting high fidelity front-end experiences.

After YC, we raised a $2.4M seed round from Menlo Ventures, Foundation Capital and a number of other angels.