Aira Agent

Posted on October 19th

Aira is an information-providing service that empowers individuals who are blind or low vision to live with greater freedom and independence. We want you to join our growing network of Aira agents! Regardless of your current stage in life, becoming an Aira agent is an incredibly fulfilling career with a flexible schedule.

As an Aira agent you simply log onto our specialized dashboard from your personal computer at home and begin answering live video calls from our Explorers. Every day, the scenarios are varied and unique - you could help them shop, read books to their children, cook meals, or navigate to locations in their daily lives.

Working as an Aira agent is unlike most jobs. That's why we've developed our own training and certification process to ensure you'll be ready and able to help our blind and low vision Explorer's accomplish any task, from day one. Aira agents provide immediate information in order to accomplish any task as a team. From stopping for morning coffee on the way to work, to making that dream journey around the globe.

We are looking for:

  • People who are enthusiastic, eager, and well-spoken.
  • People who love to search the web and find the best, most relevant information.
  • People who can multitask while remaining focused and calm.
  • People who can work through complicated tasks and technical difficulties.
  • People located in the United States.


A personal computer, our dashboard is NOT compatible on tablets, Chromebooks or smartphones, and a great internet connection. Customer service experience. Must be a high school graduate, some college preferred. A quiet, private space to work free from family, friends, pets, etc.

Computer Requirements:

A minimum of a CPU 4 CORE. A minimum of 8 GB RAM. A minimum of 40 GBS available disk space. A Windows or Mac computer using Windows 10 or Mac OS High Sierra

Internet Requirements:

A minimum speed of 25 mbps.