Arts, Culture and Heritage Ambassador (Business Development)

Posted on April 8th

Arts, Culture and Heritage Ambassador (Business Development)

We are looking for an ambassador for Error in the arts, cultural and heritage sectors, to help us increase our profile and to sell our skills to cultural and academic institutions around the world.

This is a business development role with a twist. Error’s success has been based on word-of-mouth referrals, with the occasional successful tender opportunity (often referred to us by our clients). As we grow, and especially when selling our skills and technology to museums, galleries, academic institutions and heritage organisations, we will need the help of someone who can help keep the pipeline of opportunities full, meet potential clients, develop tender responses, line up pitch meetings and help to close deals.

The Job

The aim of the job is to establish relationships with organisations in the sector and to manage our pipeline of opportunities, keep in touch with promising leads, and to help close the right deals. This is a low-volume, high value offer for our clients, and relationship-building will be at the centre of your role.

A large part of this job will involve being ‘the face’ of Error at events: giving talks, participating in round-table discussions, and writing articles. Many of our peers in the industry sell their services exclusively using this approach. You’ll be an integral part of Error, and be facilitating workshops and helping us deliver work too - so your sector knowledge will be valuable.

Our sales process is low-pressure, honest, and focussed totally on making sure there is a good cultural and product fit for our prospective clients. If we’re not adding real value, we’d rather not win the work. Similarly, the projects need to have intrinsic human value and be good for the world, and we turn down work in sectors which are incompatible with this. Fundamentally, this is about getting more work for Error. But it’ll be done in a compassionate, honest and human-centred way. No hard selling here!

Your Skills

We’re looking for someone with a broad interest in the heritage, arts, cultural and academic (especially humanities and social science) sectors. You’ll have an understanding of where Error’s value lies for our prospective clients.

You should be:

  • Keen to listen to people in the heritage, arts, cultural and academic sectors, and understand their needs and ‘pain points’
  • Able to dovetail these needs into something which allows Error to provide real value
  • A competent public speaker, happy to engage with people in a variety of public settings, and being ‘the face’ of Error
  • Self-motivated to build a sales and awareness-building strategy (with measurable milestones) for this role
  • Excited to build a professional network of contacts through attending and speaking at events
  • Able to carve a niche for yourself in the sector by being a subject matter expert
  • Happy to challenge assumptions and be honest when reality doesn’t meet expectations

There are a few places you might have worked in the past:

  • at a gallery, museum or academic institution, where you’ll have had a role in heritage management, commercial services or academic support
  • at an agency like Error, where you’ll have had a similar ambassadorial job
  • at a software product company, where you’ll have had roles in high-value, low-volume software sales to businesses and institutions

How to apply for a job at Error

If you think working at Error is in your future, send your CV and a covering email to [email protected]. If you’re applying for one of the jobs above please say so. If you think we should be hiring you for another job, pitch your idea.

No agencies please

We know it’s tempting to bombard companies with CVs when you work at a recruitment agency. But honestly, please don’t. If you’re sending us unsolicited stuff and you’re not actually the person applying for the job, it’ll go straight into the spam folder.