Junior Technical Marketing Specialist

Posted on April 10th

Hi. We’re UpBuild. We’re a new kind of SEO and analytics agency where great technical marketing minds can do innovative work for clients and causes they’re proud to serve, and we’re looking to grow our team with the addition of a Technical Marketing Specialist. If you’re reading this, you might be the person we’re looking for.

First, A Bit About Us

UpBuild, founded in 2015, now operates with a team of ten and serves over a dozen amazing clients. When it comes to growth, we’d rather grow slowly and intentionally or not at all. We take hiring very seriously because we believe it’s never about just finding someone who can “do the work;” it’s about finding the right person who believes in what we believe, wants to be part of a team and contribute to the company, and can truly be happy here.

We don’t believe that you need to live and breathe your work to be successful at UpBuild (that’s a job for the founder, if anyone). A job is a job and work is work, but if marketing work is what excites you and gives you a sense of fulfillment as you’re making your way through life, UpBuild’s goal is to be the absolute best place in the world to do that.

The Position

This is an entry-level position — by that, we mean “entry-level for marketing.” We don’t mean “entry-level with four years of agency experience,” but we definitely don’t mean “entry-level because you’ve never had a job before” either. We informally refer to our Technical Marketing Specialist role as a junior one but don’t read too much into whatever hierarchy that might imply — junior team members have just as much opportunity to contribute, learn, grow, and do great work as anyone else on the team.

Our completely transparent goal with this hire is to:

  • find someone who’s excited by what UpBuild is and about SEO, web analytics, and ongoing optimization (i.e., the technical aspects of marketing), and
  • invest in them significantly so that they become a more valuable marketer and professional.

We want to bring you onto our team, ensure you’re fairly compensated, and then invest heavily in your success. As with any role at UpBuild, where you go next within the company is largely up to you. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure and we want to do everything we can to get you where you want to go.

Like all positions at UpBuild, this is a fully remote role (we have no physical office). At this time, we’re only able to hire people who live and are authorized to work in the U.S.

The Specifics

Before we get any further, it’s important to note that while this role is intended to be a full-time position, the job will be a part-time hourly position for the first three months. You will be paid an hourly rate of $17.50 and we’re estimating starting you with 25–30 hours per week.

We refer to those first three months as your ramp-up period. The intent behind the ramp-up is to give everyone (the UpBuild team and you) the chance to see how it feels to work together and decide if there’s a great fit. By the end of your three-month ramp-up, we hope to present you with a full-time offer! However, a new team member who consistently impresses the team could see a full-time offer in as few as 30 days.

What we hope to be able to do here is take a chance on someone we feel great about. If we make you an initial part-time offer, we’ll be sure to clearly define how we’ll be evaluating success and making the decision for full-time (Transparency!).

About the Position

Technical marketing specialists:

  • are largely a supporting role; they’ll hop in and out of accounts and apply effort where needed;
  • report to the Senior Team Lead, with regular check-ins from the Vice President of Strategy and the CEO;
  • work in “Pods”: client-specific work groups that include one Senior Marketing Strategist (i.e., the account lead), one Technical Marketing Specialist, and one “fallback” Senior Marketing Strategist. The Director of Strategy is also there to provide guidance and challenge the Pod to innovate. Everyone works together closely to accomplish what we’ve set out to do for the client;
  • as experience is accumulated, may come to lead an “inverted pod” where the Technical Marketing Specialist serves as the lead and is supported by the Senior team member;
  • join a lot of client-facing conference calls to
    • take notes (we try to document everything),
    • be exposed to account management styles by observing how senior team members work, and
    • chime in and contribute when opportunities present themselves (it’s great to see what questions and observations can come from folks who aren’t conditioned by years of marketing experience);
  • contribute to UpBuild’s internal and external growth of expertise through blogging, knowledge (i.e., news) sharing, discussion, possible public speaking, and/or other comparable initiatives;
  • spend time learning, independently and with the UpBuild team, taking classes, and attending conferences and webinars;
  • may need to travel (paid by us, of course) a few times per year for client visits and/or company retreats;
  • like the sound of a $39k to $43k annual salary range after the ramp-up period;
  • acknowledge that this role begins as a part-time position with the possibility of a full-time offer at the end of the first three months.

About You

As someone who could excel in this position, you

  • are excited about the potential of joining a small startup and helping it grow;
  • may have a background in:
    • marketing and/or advertising, but are exceptionally drawn to the digital realm or are turned off by forceful outbound, in-your-face marketing and or using high-pressure sales techniques.
    • web development, but want to expand into marketing yet still be able to leverage your technical knowledge
    • the arts, but want to pursue something completely different (our CEO came out of college with a BA in History and look what happened!);
  • have your own computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a good place to work (home office, coworking space, etc.) — we’re 100% distributed and have no physical office to show up to;
  • relatedly, are excited about the possibility of working from wherever you want and are also ready to tackle the associated challenges (e.g., maintaining focus, working independently for most of the day, and being measured by your output rather than time at your desk);
  • enjoy learning, and are excited by the prospect of spending time in self-driven learning of new skills and ideas;
  • are interested in the technical side of marketing, and wouldn’t be averse to spending a lot of your time playing with data or deep in a website’s code;
  • are self-motivated and can work independently;
  • take extreme pride in your work and thrive in an environment that recognizes your contributions;
  • are intrinsically motivated to help others do well (either clients or team members);
  • consider yourself a shameless idealist (everyone at UpBuild is) and want to spend your days working on something that matters;
  • want to work for an organization that values work-life balance and a positive company culture (not just one that pays lip service to the idea by talking about it a lot) and are excited about the challenges of joining a distributed team;
  • have read through UpBuild’s core values and are stoked to start using them in your day-to-day decision making.

Your Experience

Spoiler Alert: This is going to be a short section since we don’t expect an entry-level team member to have extensive experience in what we do.

In terms of experience, you

  • might not have much to speak of (and that’s okay!);
  • have developed exceptional written communication skills and cultivated an extreme attention to detail;
  • can demonstrate your ability to do great work, persevere, rise above challenges, and be creative (this could be in academics, your previous career, with passion projects, etc.);
  • more than having experience, are motivated to gain experience;
  • get massive bonus points if you have demonstrable experience:
    • Building and maintaining your own website
    • Blogging
    • In SEO, web analytics, or conversion rate optimization
    • In adjacent marketing disciplines like social media, search advertising, PR, etc.
    • In basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Working remotely

Formal education in marketing, business, development, etc. is great, but not required; no one gets a degree in digital optimization or web analytics anyway. The drive to do exceptional work and successfully build client/team relationships, and being stoked about startup culture, are what really counts.

About UpBuild

What you should know about us is that:

  • we’re a new-ish startup (almost five years old) and are entirely funded, i.e., bootstrapped, by the work we do for our amazing clients;
  • our idealistic goal is a pretty simple one: to destroy the old digital marketing agency model by building an alternative that’s better in every way;
  • we’re a distributed team and are pretty flexible with work hours;
  • in keeping with the above, we’re focused on delivering results, meeting our deadlines, and making our clients’ lives easier/better; we don’t use “hours worked” as a metric for job performance;
  • we vote on every sales lead before we write a proposal — if we’re not excited about a working for a client, it’s not right to cash their checks;
  • we’re continually working on exploring and adding new benefits to make your work life better.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary ($17.50 hourly for the first three months; annual salary starting at $39K to $43K after that)
  • Remote working (i.e., full control of the office thermostat, choice of music, no commuting)

The following kick in once you become full-time:

  • Progressive PTO policy & paid holidays — 24+ days off per year
  • 6+ weeks family leave (with plans to increase as we grow)
  • Ongoing education & training opportunities (e.g., conferences, tuition reimbursement)
  • Quarterly profit sharing & bonus plan
  • 100% Health & Dental/50% for spouses
  • $500 per year Home Office Allowance to use on anything that makes you more productive or stoked about work
  • Optional four-day work week program