Scrum Master / Agile Project Manager

Posted on May 2nd

Do you want to be the Scrum Master for a growing team of highly innovative software developers working collaboratively to build something amazing that will continue to delight our users?

Your role will be to work alongside our CEO/CTO (the Product Owner) and our Development Team to revolutionize the next generation of our flagship product. The Scrum Master uses the Scrum methodology and Agile framework to strategically plan and coordinate all software engineering activities. If you’re passionate about creating something great while overseeing the Scrum flow, this role may be the right fit for you!

Location: 100% Remote, based in Europe.

Hours: Part-Time, 15 - 20 per week, during regular business hours.

About Symless and Synergy: Our mission is to help people use multiple computers together in one seamless and cohesive experience. Since 2012, Symless has proudly developed Synergy, an app that shares one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple computers. As well as having over two million users worldwide, our product is regularly featured on top tech channels like Linus Tech Tips, a channel with over 10.4 million viewers. It's also used at some great companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Pixar, Salesforce and many more. That said, we're a small company of about 15 people, so you won't get lost in the crowd.

About the Role
You will coordinate all Scrum events for our development group, where the team size will eventually grow to eight developers (we expect within the next two years). Your Scrum and Agile methodology skills will be essential to making sure our team is making the right thing, as well as making the thing right.

Responsibilities: Here are a few things you'll be doing...

  • Implement Agile to our software development process and collaborate with the team to instill the Agile principles.
  • Implement the appropriate Agile methodology to our software development process based on our situation and constraints.
  • Ensure the development team is building products that align with our product backlog with frequent collaboration with the Product Owner on appropriate product backlog management.
  • Keep the development team focused by directing sprints and ensuring the most valuable work is completed on time.
  • Empower the development team to perform at its highest level by protecting the team from impediments and iterating/optimizing the Agile methodology on product development.
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner to manage the product backlog that aligns with customer needs and feedback as well as the overall company’s objectives.
  • Exhibit strong communication and interpersonal skills while building trust-based relationships with colleagues at all levels.
  • Assist us in fulfilling our company’s Leadership Principles in all we do.