Digital Designer & UX/IX Designer

Posted on May 2nd

Are you ready to deliver a high standard of digital design and UX/UI design?

Who is this for? This role is suitable for remote freelancers. We're mostly a distributed team with people working worldwide. We’re looking for a digital designer who can also, when needed, contribute to UX/UI design. Must have strong brand awareness and the ability to help us promote our product and brand to target audiences.

Location: 100% Remote, based in the United States, preferably on the east coast. 

Hours: Part-Time, approximately 10 hours per week

About Symless and Synergy: Our mission is to help people use multiple computers together in one seamless and cohesive experience. Since 2012, Symless has proudly developed Synergy, an app that shares one mouse, one keyboard, and one clipboard between multiple computers. As well as having over 2 million users worldwide, our product is regularly featured on top tech channels like Linus Tech Tips, a channel with over 10.4 million viewers. It's also used at some pretty neat companies like Apple, Pixar, Disney, Google, Amazon, and many more.

What about the role?
Your role will be to design compelling digital assets including digital art for promotional campaigns. You’ll also be making visual design changes to the website, working on email campaigns, conducting website A/B testing and promoting our brand across social media.

You'll report directly to the CEO (acting as Product Owner) and work closely with our existing UX/UI Designer as well as collaborate with the development team.

In terms of UX/UI, you’ll be working alongside our existing UX/UI Designer to improve the user experience. From requirements research to interface design, you'll be involved in an iterative process that will result in an elegant and intuitive user experience. You will need to empathize with the user, feeling your way through their journey. You'll work closely with Software Developers, design wireframes and mockups, and then engage with users to test and analyze their experience. You'll contribute to the UX and UI design of our desktop apps, web apps, and e-commerce website.

Here are a few things you'll be doing:

  • Design and create digital assets for various internal departments
  • Implement design changes and create new pages on our e-commerce website
  • Develop and analyse website A/B testing
  • Execute email campaigns
  • Brand promotion on social media
  • Customer interviews and general research
  • Perform quantitative and qualitative surveys
  • Wire-framing and prototyping of user interfaces
  • Working hand-in-hand with the UI Designer
  • Test newly built designs to find opportunities
  • Contribute to agile methodology and planning
  • Teach others on the team what you learn
  • Learn from 20 years of development experience
  • Training is encouraged and paid as needed